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Welcome to Porthilly Gallery

This is the working studio of Jethro Jackson.

"It really is a dream come true: to work here, to meet people and get instant response to my work and to be in such a beautiful environment. Porthilly has such a special atmosphere. Most people who come in to the gallery comment that the space has got a lovely feel about it. It’s just a wonderful place to work. As soon as I walk in, it clears my head and off I go. It's why I paint in the studio as much as I do."

The Gallery also serves as a showcase for the work of some of Jethro's friends and family.

"Some of these people I've known all my life. Others I've met at exhibitions or shows. What they have in common is that their work has inspired me to evolve as an artist myself. I am always excited to present new works by such creative and successful individuals."

Artists whose work is currently on show: Eddie and Margaret Curtis, Paul Jackson, Robin Leonard, Hamish Mackie, Chris Prindl, Edward Stein